What do we design?

  • Bespoke hydraulic cylinders to suit your specific requirements.
  • Provide designs for the upgrade of your existing cylinders.
  • Hydraulic related products such as skid systems.

As a manufacturer that has a line of cutting edge products, namely our ProGrip skid systems, the design of hydraulic cylinders and related products is second nature to Low Cost Hydraulics.

How do we design?

Gone are the days of a draftman's table, we use modern software packages to produce complete 3D assemblies and 2D drawings, our capabilities include the ability to perform a range of simulations with the aid of FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

Computer simulations really do help to reduce any doubt in the performance of the end product, ultimately saving you from any unnecessary delays and the inevitable expense that comes with it. 

Our designs are always well engineered in line with applicable standards meaning you can be sure of a quality product, which is fit for purpose and has been designed to last.

Full Hydraulic Design Capabilities

3D modelling and simulation in SolidWorks

Problem Solvers

We are also able to work to your design constraints and provide cost effective solutions to overcome any problematic hydraulic cylinders you may have. Whether it be failing seals, damaged rods or any other recurring issues - you can rely on us to diagnose the problem, report on our findings and redesign your existing hydraulic cylinders to eliminate any problems.