EasyOut Marine Pin

Background Problem

Throughout industry, many mechanical linkages are held in place using solid metal pins. These are essentially solid metal (normally steel) cylindrical section components, which are used as pivots to distribute some form of mechanical load.

In certain arduous industrial conditions, these pins can become seized in place, making their removal in order to repair associated machinery extremely difficult. Many have to be either bored, or cut out with a thermal lance.

Certain situations also may dictate that the application of heat is not allowable, such as in the offshore oil and gas industry, and where for instance the heat might damage or adversely effect adjacent fixtures.

Depending on the size and location of the pin, these removals can take several days or even weeks, resulting in significant downtime and loss of production.

The EasyOut Marine Pin Solution

The EasyOut Marine Pin is a two piece design engineering pin, that can be individually designed to accommodate most applications. The design allows the central core of the pin to be easily removed with the simple application of low pressure grease using a manual grease gun.

The remaining outer sleeve presents a much easier proposition to remove than a conventional solid pin, resulting in much safer, quicker and ultimately more cost effective removal of pins.


If you’re looking for a tried an tested solution for the easy removal of pins, rest assured the EasyOut Marine Pin is currently being used on various equipment with great success. The main body of the pin is constructed from stainless steel (EN24T). However, materials and dimensions can be varied to suit your requirements.

Pins are supplied with all necessary documentation and can be independently load tested by Lloyds British Testing.